What is Rooting? How to root you Phone?

May 31, 20133 Comments
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These are the main two question that arise whenever a person buys an android phone and hears of the the term “ROOTING”.So here i have made an effort to make you understand the basic concepts of What is Rooting and How to root your phone.

What is Rooting?

Rooting your phone basically gives you the power to access the entire operating system and do whatever you want to do with it that is you get root access over the whole Android OS. Rooting your phones removes all the possible restrictions that have  been applied by your phone’s manufacturer or carrier.Also rooting your phone gives you full access to your phone’s Read Only Memory and the advantage is that you can even modify it.Like you can remove the bloatware like Touchwiz, HTC Sense etc by rooting your device.After rooting your phone you can even install different UI ROMS whichever you like.Rooting your Android phone is just like Jailbreaking an IOS Device though there are certain differences between both of them.

How to root your Phone

Main differences between Jailbreaking and Android Rooting

  • Rooting is the term used when we unlock any phone which runs on Android Operating System whereas Jailbreaking is the term used when we unlock unlock any device which runs on Apple’s iOS.
  • Rooting allows the users to get there hands over the root access within Android’s Linux Subsystem whereas Jailbreaking allows iOS users  to gain full access to the operating system thereby removing the limitations imposed by Apple.
  • CyanogenMod is a successful tool that help in rooting your android phone whereas Sn0wbreeze, Blackra1n, Greenpois0n are some tools that can help you to jailbreak your Iphone.
  • Android rooting is Legal but you loose one year warranty which is provided by the company whereas Jailbreaking has been declared Illegal.

So the main question arises here:-


There are really a lot of ways and processes to root your phone but finding the safest processes may become a tedious task for you as when rooting your device, there stands a big risk of bricking your device(Not usable again), but its only OLD claims, if you do the process safely, then there’s no such risk.Each and every android phone has its own process of rooting but phones of same brand sometimes have the same process regardless of the model number example the rooting process for Samsung’s Galaxy s3 is same as for Samsung Galaxy Grand.

So this site was made keeping in mind the youngsters who buy new high end android phones and hear of Android rooting and want to know how they can root there phones. So just sit back and enjoy while we bring you all new safest process on “How to root your Phone”.

If you want to root your phone, than you just need to follow a simple procedure. Firstly, get to the search bar and Enter the model number of your phone or you can just browse an of the brands category and select the brand of your phone and if currently have the rooting guide available for your phone then well and good otherwise if you are not able to find your phone you can tell us your phone’s model number via Contact Form and we will upload your phone’s rooting process as soon as possible.

 We hope that now you have learned a bit on What is Rooting and How to root your Phone or if you have any doubts you can easily comment and we will be too happy to help you out.


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